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We are specialists

Domeyko & Cía. Attorneys, a law firm specialized in public and private infrastructure, with a wide professional experience and knowledge of the applicable regulation. We provide a comprehensive advisory in the execution and management of construction contracts, as well as in commercial, labor, and administrative matters, and the litigation related to such contracts, which enable us to deliver efficient and timely solutions to our clients’ complex requirements.

Service excellence

Our high qualified professionals have wide experience, with over 20 years committed to the development, execution and operation of infrastructure projects, providing a service of excellence in these matters. 

Closeness with our clients

We provide our services based on a one-to-one relationship with our clients. One of our partners will always be involved in our clients’ necessities, improving this personalized and close connection with them, which allow us to be always available for them and strengthen the communication, facilitating compliance with the proposed goals and purposes. 



We are convinced that teamwork is the key to provide comprehensive answers with more than just one professional opinion. We are used to work with professionals from other areas, specifically from engineering and project financing areas as well.

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